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Why are the SQOTS™ Square and Not Round?

Clear square dots or tiles of glue have already been obtainable for quite a few years and are generally not a new product. We set out to present the industry with an upgraded product produced using a procedure we feel provides better control and results for the finalized product. Old style, flat dots of glue were made by dripping hot melt glue on a silicon release backing paper after which rolling them to compress them up. This particular method’s outcome is a squashed “blob” of adhesive … [Read more...]

SQOTS™ Clear Square Dots or Tiles of Glue and Synthetic Nails or Plastic Nails Experiment

A couple of weeks ago, there was an inquiry relevant to our post, Clear Square Dots or Tiles of Glue for Synthetic or Plastic Nail Art. The question is, can they withstand water and for just how long? A test has been carried out to resolve this query simply by adhering 2 synthetic nails with SQOTS™ Clear Square Dots or Tiles of Glue and then placing them in water. Supplies: 1. Two pieces Plastic Nails ideally a similar size 2. SQOTS™ Dots or Tiles of Glue Tabs with Backing Paper in … [Read more...]

Party Tricks

balloon house

The next time you plan a party, consider some of the fun ideas you will find from our pages and find out how easy it is to follow some of our party tricks and quick decoration tips with the use of SQOTS™ dots of glue range of products: SQOTS™ Box, SQOTS™ Tabs, SQOTS™ Sheets and SQOTS™-Tape. Give your party a unique one-of-a-kind touch with these easy-to-follow Do It Yourself (DIY) decor ideas for any occasion. … [Read more...]

Craft Activities

Gift Baskets

Arts and crafts are something we encounter everyday; in school, at home or outside the house, our eyes will surely rest on something artful and creative. It is something we can make use of all year round.  Enjoy it even more by teaching our kids or loved ones how to create basic projects we can use of or decorate for every occasion. Help discover their inventive thinking and resourceful imagination. … [Read more...]

Office Ideas

Make life a little easier at the office or outside work by adding just a little touch of organization.  You will come across some smart suggestions to learn and apply on your current and future businesses.  Sometimes bigger creative concepts come from small ideas we stumble upon.  Explore our ingenious solutions to some simple challenges we encounter almost on a daily basis. … [Read more...]

Business Tips

restaurant menu board

Free business tips for real? Yes! Something almost everybody is looking for.  A little time to invest in reading smart business suggestions is a good way to invest time. It is our intention to provide you with basic knowledge how to make what seem like complicated things more straightforward.  We hope that you find our dots of glue range of products and their applications helpful and convenient. … [Read more...]

Home Activities

Home Activities

Not many families spend a lot of time together anymore.  With the progression of modern technology, kids and grownups alike are more focused on gadgets, miscomprehended the fact that sitting across each other – occupied in each own world - does not constitute a suitable family time. This is why we need to reintroduce home activities, which, for the longest time, has fallen out of grid. You will find a number of fun based activities on our pages that we hope you and your family can enjoy … [Read more...]

HandyMan Tips

Don’t we frequently hear the words, “Necessity is the mother of all inventions”?  This means that difficult situations inspire ingenious solutions. Absolutely not everyone is tailored as a Do It Yourselfer. But with many help from around the web and guide books on how to complete simple projects, many people are trying their hands on numerous tasks to save hard earned money.  We hope that we bring you beneficial solutions with the application of our SQOTS™ range of products.   … [Read more...]