Craft Activities

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Gift Baskets

gift basket

Now that Christmas season is just around the corner, we often see gift baskets all around – from the supermarkets, pharmacies, bookstores, boutiques, malls, department stores to name a few. Gift baskets are a good showcase of gift suggestions and ideas that help move merchandise.  But a lot more than this reason, gift baskets never go out of style as they are an all season - all time favourite. Last week is the first time I tried my hands on putting together a few gift baskets and I … [Read more...]

Helium Balloons Alternative with SQOTS™

Helium Balloons Effect with SQOTS

Decorating with balloons is a cheap way of creating impressive decorations for almost any party.  Balloons are available all year and they are very easy to acquire, though getting Helium Cylinders or Balloons can be more time consuming and cost a lot more money. Using SQOTS your Balloons can stay on the roof or the walls without the use of Helium.  Better still, you can arrange your Balloons on the Wall or the Ceiling. Note:  SQOTS™ sticky dots work best on smooth surfaces. Removing items … [Read more...]

Wall Collage

wall collage

Staring at a big empty wall space can make our mind race whether we have a large art piece to dress it up with or where can we get one.  It is not easy to find something that will match your taste and the house theme. One way to solve the problem is to use a wall collage – a collection of small wall art or pictures so that it combines to have the visual impact of much larger art. Usually made up of smaller pieces or artwork with no specific rules to follow, collages provide more flexibility … [Read more...]

Preserve Your Children’s Creative Work

Creative work

  Preserving our children’s creative works is really preserving our memories of them as children and helps them feel appreciated and loved.  It feels wrong to quickly look at each artwork and then throw it away.  Keeping and displaying their artwork for some time will encourage them to be more enthusiastic and creative, which can only help develop their artistic skills. With our busy schedules, we don’t often have the chance to open our treasure chests, which hold our … [Read more...]

Paper Chains in Minutes

paper chains

An old time favourite, paper chains are never out of trend.  You don’t have to wait for Christmas to create fun and colourful paper chains.  You can decorate your home economically on all special occasions. It can be a family activity on a rainy day.  Kids can easily make paper chains that yield beautiful and colourful results. It is a great way to inspire creativity and spark discussion for kids of all ages. With the availability of SQOTS™ Sheets, making paper chains has never been … [Read more...]

Edible Birthday Poster

Edible Birthday Poster

Planning a birthday party is exciting but figuring out some clever ways to add a “wow” factor is often a challenge. Combining food and great design is possible in creating this edible birthday poster. The aim is to make some that looks incredible with a fun and tasty atmosphere. Plan: The aim is to make it look remarkable as well as to add ambiance and enjoyment to the coming birthday celebration.Pick the extra objects you desire to make use of for your masterpiece.  We chose 2 … [Read more...]

Kids Wall Murals

craft activities wall mural

Your child’s room can easily be made special and exciting by using SQOTS™ sticky dots to apply a bright and happy selection of craft materials. These are then arranged to form an artistic wall mural. Like us, our kids should have their own place where they are surrounded by the things and colors that they love.  A wall mural will give an exciting and fascinating design for a kid’s bedroom that will cultivate the use of their imagination. Decorating a blank wall in your child’s … [Read more...]