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Ratchet Set Organizer

ratchet set

It usually comes as no surprise to find a jumble of ratchet heads each time we open our ratchet set case.  Finding the right ratchet is time consuming.  Then when you are done, closing the case of ratchets usually needs some fumbling around to push ratchet heads back into "their" case recesses before the case will close.  With 5 minutes and SQOTS™, the next time you use your ratchet set you should be finding and replacing those ratchet heads within a few seconds each time. Using … [Read more...]

Model Train Sets for Young and Older Kids

model train set

Train sets are one of the most well-liked toys to engage in for kids and adults. Putting together a train set for the first time can be overwhelming, but anybody can get it done. Whether you are just creating a showcase for the holidays or setting up out on a life-long hobby, every layout starts with simple basics. Model railroading is an excellent family recreation, and with a little adult help the youngsters can do this too. Procedure: Make the guide rails on either side of a humped, … [Read more...]

Adjusting a Cupboard for a Child

child cupboard

In this application, we used SQOTS™ Clear Square Dots or Tiles of Glue to hold a metal ruler in position as a reference and we used SQOTS™ to temporarily stick small mounting brackets in place while we secured them permanently with screws. We set about lowering the hanging rail of an adults cupboard to the level suitable for a child’s cupboard enabling children to reach clothes on hangers.  In this case we lowered the rail by 29 cm. As a DIY handyman, do you sometimes wish you had an … [Read more...]