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Save on Petrol the Smart Way

Save on Petrol 5

With the steady rise of fuel price, it feels like saving money on petrol has become the nation’s new obsession. Put an end to lost Petrol/Gas Saving vouchers or other discount coupons using SQOTS™. Many fuel stations have discount coupon programs.  In all likelihood, the promoters of these discounts are factoring a certain percentage of vouchers never being used (perhaps being lost). Keeping a convenient pack of SQOTS™ in the glovebox makes this little application simple. Nothing … [Read more...]

Multi-Tasking Whiteboard

Office Whiteboard

Many homes and offices have whiteboards; which turn out to be seldom used clearly visible areas in the office and home.  Using SQOTS™ turns this surface to a highly utilised and convenient area to display reminders, vouchers, pictures, art, to-do lists etc.. Also known as Dry-Erase Boards or a Marker Boards, a Whiteboard can be a great tool for organizing and displaying tasks efficiently in an office. You may find it a clever way to display postal information, phone numbers or train … [Read more...]

Restaurant Menu Board

Attract more customers by showcasing your frequently updated cafe or restaurant menu and "specials". An interesting menu or specials picture(s) will entice customers to check what you have to offer. What better place to display your dishes than using your store front windows or glass doors. Offering a number of changeable menu boards that display different colors and designs has become a challenge.  Promoting daily specials can be tedious and time consuming. SQOTS™ and particularly … [Read more...]