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SQOTS™-Tape: Double Sided and Repositionable!!

One side of the tape bonds permanently (this is the side you usually apply to your poster or sign) but the other side remains repositionable for some time (this is the side that you might apply to a wall or a window). Usually repositioning or removal of a poster or light weight sign within a few weeks from an average surface will be easy.  Note, the ability to reposition the SQOTS™-Tape adhesive strip will vary with the length of time the SQOTS™-Tape has been in place, the amount of … [Read more...]

SQOTS™ Sheets of Square Dots of Glue

SQOTS™ Sheets

 This pack is our most basic format and most economic format of square glue dots. Supplied in an easy to reclose recyclable pack, this option contains 200 SQuare glue dOTS; SQOTS™.  Each sheet contains SQOTS™ in a perforated grid of 5 x 4 dots of glue on backing paper making it easy to quickly separate and distribute the SQOTS™. The SQOTS™ Clear Square Glue Dots in SHEET form have an even height, uniform laid adhesive area of approximately 10 mm x 10 mm (equivalent to a round dot of a … [Read more...]

SQOTS™ Tabs Square Dots of Glue with Backing

Sqots Tabs

 The SQOTS™-Tabs takes glue dot convenience to a new level!  This package also has the built in features of the SQOTS™ Dispenser Box that insures the dispensing is smooth and easy to prepare for simple and accurate. Supplied in a pack of 180 SQOTS™, this clever format lets you very quickly dispense a single square glue dot - complete with its own backing paper.  You can then apply this square glue dot onto your surface by placing the adhesive glue onto the surface and pressing the … [Read more...]

SQOTS™ Dispenser Box for Square Dots of Glue

SQOTS Glue Dots Applicator Box

There is more to this clever dispenser box than meets the eye in order to make dispensing and applying the 200 Clear Square Glue Dots as convenient as possible. Unlike some round glue dots suppliers, we do not just want to throw a roll of glue dots into a box and hope they come out smoothly; there are built in features of SQOTS™ Dispenser Box that insures the dispensing is smooth and easy to prepare for simple and accurate dispensing of our SQOTS™ Square Glue Dots. The SQOTS™ Clear Square … [Read more...]