Edible Birthday Poster

Planning a birthday party is exciting but figuring out some clever ways to add a “wow” factor is often a challenge.

Combining food and great design is possible in creating this edible birthday poster. The aim is to make some that looks incredible with a fun and tasty atmosphere.



The aim is to make it look remarkable as well as to add ambiance and enjoyment to the coming birthday celebration.Pick the extra objects you desire to make use of for your masterpiece.  We chose 2 photos, some ribbons from the $2 shop and KitKats™ and Smarties™ from the supermarket. The edible treats can be distributed at the party. If you don’t currently have the child’s name or age on your chart, you may use SQOTS™ to stick wooden or foam letters/numbers; or use the baked cookie dough for the letters.


First, apply SQOTS™ to the back corners of your photos and attach them to the chart.

Next SQOTS™-Tape is applied diagonally across the corners of the chart and the chart is placed in position on a wall or window.

Lastly, SQOTS™ are put on the back of the ribbons and treats (we used 2 SQOTS™ per treat) and these items are attached to the wall to form a colourful and delicious border for the chart.

You can use similar ideas to create other charts: ‘Bon Voyage’, ‘Happy New Year’, ‘Welcome Home’, ‘Happy Anniversary’, etc.


SQOTS™-Tape is repositionable for a good length of time making it possible to carefully remove the Poster from most wall surfaces after many days; Over time the adhesive of the SQOTS™-Tape can become permanent especially if the tape is used on windows where light can get to the adhesive easily. In this application we left our poster in place for 2 Days and it removed easily without and damage to the wall; as with all SQOTS™ and SQOTS™-Tape application you will need to do your own tests to insure the products are suitable for your surface and application. If in doubt, you can always apply your work to Glass or surfaces that cannot have their surface damaged. The adhesive that is applied to the poster before peeling the backing paper off is permanent so do not expect to remove the SQOTS™-Tape from the work.

When removing the treats from the wall it is important to remember to slide or shear the treats until the adhesive releases; see video below:

Removing SQOTS™ Clear Square Dots or Tiles of Glue - Clean Shear
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