Why are the SQOTS™ Square and Not Round?


Dots of glue are not a new product and have been around for many years.  We set out to present the market with an improved product produced with a method we believe provides better control and results for the finished product.  The old style dots of glue are produced with a very simple method of dripping hot melt adhesive onto a silicon release backing paper and then winding them up so that drop of glue is flattened.  The manufacturing result of the old dots of glue is a squashed “blob” of adhesive that resembles a circle.

Our proprietary manufacturing process involved the controlled “pipping” of adhesive through flattened pipes/manifolds at a controlled speed onto the silicon release backing paper.  The shape and the thickness of the SQOTS™ Clear Square Dots or Tiles of Glue is controlled and determined with a process that does not rely on squashing the glue dot flat.  The result is that SQOTS™ Clear Square Dots or Tiles of Glue have well defined thickness and straight edges; we control the length of the straight edge dots or tiles of glue to form a square.
The name SQOTS is derived from the first two letters of the word SQUARE and the last three letters of the word DOTS.

Our customers report they are very happy with the defined edges of the SQOTS™ and that it enables the dots or tiles of glue to be aligned well with edges and corners of products they are sticking down with SQOTS™.  Printers who produce credit cards for mail-outs have reported the Square shape SQOTS™ results in less twisting movement/freedom of the Adhered credit card compared to the old type round dots of glue.