Kids Wall Murals

Your child’s room can easily be made special and exciting by using SQOTS™ sticky dots to apply a bright and happy selection of craft materials. These are then arranged to form an artistic wall mural.


Like us, our kids should have their own place where they are surrounded by the things and colors that they love.  A wall mural will give an exciting and fascinating design for a kid’s bedroom that will cultivate the use of their imagination.

Decorating a blank wall in your child’s room can be just as much fun as designing the other areas of the household. In places like craft shops or “dollar” shops there are many low cost captivating characters and bright objects to choose from that can let your imagination come alive. The mural can be the focal point of the room.

There are a variety of ways to add to your mural.  Artistic people can paint their own unique objects and shapes of their making. Flat paper clippings or small colourful items purchased from shops can be a better option for those who want something quick and easy. No matter what approach you choose, the possibilities are endless with SQOTS™.

SQOTS™ sticky dots work best on smooth surfaces. Removing items with SQOTS™ sticky dots applied can damage the surfaces you are removing the SQOTS™ from. There is a simple technique for removing items that are stuck with SQOTS™ sticky dots which will work in most cases. This technique involves shearing the two surfaces apart – for instance to remove one of the fish, first, you would attempt to slide the fish along the wall until you felt the adhesive underneath stretch and give way.

Note: It can also help to try sliding up and down first and then from side to side.  For a demonstration see the video below:

Removing SQOTS™ Clear Square Dots or Tiles of Glue – Clean Shear


!By testing a small section, you will see that SQOTS™ sticky dots can be cleanly and easily removed without leaving marks on your wall.

Note:  The longer you leave the SQOTS™ sticky dots the stronger the adhesion can be – usually removal remains easy for up to 3 weeks.

The SQOTS™ range of products, which we describe as dots of glue, square dots of glue, tiles of glue, square self-adhesive dots and other phrases that have the words dots or glue, is not affiliated with or associated with any dots of glue manufacturers, representative, affiliates or websites promoting or selling their products with trademarks or trade names that include or consist of the common phrase description “glue dots”.