Model Train Sets for Young and Older Kids

Train sets are one of the most well-liked toys to engage in for kids and adults.

  • Materials and Procedure: Materials and Procedure:
  • We looked for pictures of Craft sticks on the internet.
  • We did a little scaling of our graphics and printed out rows of guide rails onto an A4 sheet of paper. We then laminated the A4 sheet of Paper with a simple laminator; you can get a simple laminator from office supplies stores or even supermarkets (perhaps $30.00). The pouches we had and used were silver/mirror on one side which was great – though plain ones would have been fine.
  • Cut the craft sticks (coloured icy-pole sticks) with scissors. We also applied SQOTS™ Sheets at the back of the laminated-printed craftsticks.
  • Well from there it was a cutting matt / scissors and more craft time.
  • Make the guide rails on either side of a humped, incline section of the track where the train derail the most.
  • Hey presto! A record breaking train length and a much more exciting train set to play with.
  • These laminated guide rails were flexible and perfect for the inside and outside of curves.
  • The results looked great and it was an activity of its own taking maybe one hour.

Putting together a train set for the first time can be overwhelming, but anybody can get it done. Whether you are just creating a showcase for the holidays or setting up out on a life-long hobby, every layout starts with simple basics. Model railroading is an excellent family recreation, and with a little adult help the youngsters can do this too.

If you always have problems at a certain spot, then there is probably something wrong with your track. Often a small adjustment can make a big difference and will have you back on track in no time.
  1. Make the guide rails on either side of a humped, incline section of the track where the train derail the most.
  2. Cut the craft sticks (coloured icy-pole sticks) with scissors.
  3. Using SQOTS™ dots or tiles of glue, we added one cut stick at a time to the sides horizontally.
*With SQOTS™ your creative imagination may be the only limit to the way you can help your long trains stay on the tracks. Just before adding our guide side rails using SQOTS™ the train track settings we had could only have a train length of two carriages before the trains would derail. Using SQOTS™ and some creativity, we now have trains with nine carriages running around and they looked great!

Model Train Crash – SQOTS™ Clear Square Dots or Tiles of Glue Solution

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