Multi-Tasking Whiteboard

Many homes and offices have whiteboards; which turn out to be seldom used clearly visible areas in the office and home.  Using SQOTS™ turns this surface to a highly utilised and convenient area to display reminders, vouchers, pictures, art, to-do lists etc..


Also known as Dry-Erase Boards or a Marker Boards, a Whiteboard can be a great tool for organizing and displaying tasks efficiently in an office.

You may find it a clever way to display postal information, phone numbers or train timetables for immediate access.

SQOTS™ glue dots  make all the above possible. To mount notices, simply apply SQOTS™ under each and then press into place on your whiteboard. For any notices that you wish to lie flat on your board, extra SQOTS™ can be applied to each corner. Old notices are easily removed by pulling gently downwards or sidewards, which stretches the SQOTS™ underneath.  This allows for for new notices to be added as needed. This is also a method you could use at home in the kitchen or a child’s study.

As with all SQOTS™ applications where applying to walls and surfaces the surface needs to be tested such that the SQOTS™ can be removed cleanly. See the YouTube videos for demonstrations on how to remove SQOTS™.  Also it should be noted SQOTS™ do eventually become permanent though should remain removable for up to 3 weeks.

What is SQOTS™: Clear SQuare glue dOT
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