Helium Balloons Alternative with SQOTS™

Decorating with balloons is a cheap way of creating impressive decorations for almost any party.  Balloons are available all year and they are very easy to acquire, though getting Helium Cylinders or Balloons can be more time consuming and cost a lot more money.

Using SQOTS your Balloons can stay on the roof or the walls without the use of Helium.  Better still, you can arrange your Balloons on the Wall or the Ceiling.

Note:  SQOTS™ sticky dots work best on smooth surfaces. Removing items with SQOTS™ sticky dots applied can damage the surfaces you are removing the SQOTS™ from. There is a simple technique for removing items that are stuck with SQOTS™ sticky dots which will work in most cases. This technique involves shearing the two surfaces apart – until you felt the adhesive underneath stretch and give way.

Think of a theme for your party, be it for a birthday, baby shower or a wedding.  Decide how you want to decorate the area.  Consider the shapes and colors of your balloons and calculate the number of balloons you will need.  You can purchase balloons in different sizes and shapes in multitude of colors for just a few dollars.

We can decorate a tiny room with a few balloons to make a small celebration more special.  With little imagination and time, any occasion will become more exceptional by adding a special touch of decoration.  Check out our idea below:

The idea is by using SQOTS™ you can stick balloons to walls and make it look like you have helium filled balloons. This is easier and cheaper than having to get Helium balloons.

Easy Steps:
The Helium Effect
Helium Balloons Effect with SQOTS

Another advantage of no helium balloons is that they can last for a few days with the least noticeable decrease in size. This means that you can decorate in advanced or the day before the occasion.  Decorate first the less conspicuous areas of the venue.




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