Paper Chains in Minutes

An old time favourite, paper chains are never out of trend.  You don’t have to wait for Christmas to create fun and colourful paper chains.  You can decorate your home economically on all special occasions. It can be a family activity on a rainy day.  Kids can easily make paper chains that yield beautiful and colourful results. It is a great way to inspire creativity and spark discussion for kids of all ages.

With the availability of SQOTS™ Sheets, making paper chains has never been easier and fun!  No waiting around for glue to dry, or angled staples – SQOTS™ Sheet are great for Paper Chains.


Here is what you need to get started:


Assign each member of the family any of the following tasks:


  1. Fold each sheet of paper into 8 and cut into strips.
  2. Apply SQOTS™ Sheet to one end of each strip, use more than one if you are making long chains.
  3. Curl a strip and press together each end joined by the glue dot.
  4. Thread each strip to form subsequent links until you reach the desired length.

Stop messing around with staples, sticky tapes or wet glue.  Get the job done quickly without the mess with SQOTS™ Sheet.  Fun, interactive and of minimal cost, paper chaining encourages your kids’ social, imaginative and fine motor skills away from computer games.

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