Ratchet Set Organizer

It usually comes as no surprise to find a jumble of ratchet heads each time we open our ratchet set case.  Finding the right ratchet is time consuming.  Then when you are done, closing the case of ratchets usually needs some fumbling around to push ratchet heads back into “their” case recesses before the case will close.  With 5 minutes and SQOTS™, the next time you use your ratchet set you should be finding and replacing those ratchet heads within a few seconds each time.


Using SQOTS™ Sheet form or Box Dispenser form, you can sort and then insert your sockets in place where they will stay unitl needed; grouping metric and standard sockets separately from smallest to largest. Without the jumble your sockets within their set are available for quick access.

Using SQOTS™, the end result is knowing that when you open your ratchet set or socket set you will have a clean and neat display of the ratchet heads.  With SQOTS™ you not only place the heads in the right part of the case you also orientate them so the size marking is showing – something not even the best case can do for you. With SQOTS™ it should be the last time you have to “temporarily” sort out your ratchet set to find the ratchet or socket head that you need.

VIDEO:  SQOTS™ Clear Square Dots or Tiles of Glue – Applying to Some Seemingly Difficult Surfaces

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