Restaurant Menu Board

Attract more customers by showcasing your frequently updated cafe or restaurant menu and “specials”. An interesting menu or specials picture(s) will entice customers to check what you have to offer. What better place to display your dishes than using your store front windows or glass doors.


Offering a number of changeable menu boards that display different colors and designs has become a challenge.  Promoting daily specials can be tedious and time consuming. SQOTS™ and particularly SQOTS™-Tape offers Restaurants and cafe owners  a quick and professional remedy.

After carefully selecting the location to stick your menu board, you do not want substandard tapes or adhesives to take away from the attraction of the menu you have worked hard to come up with.
After a couple of days, you do not want your clients to see a menu that starts to peel off or one that easily collects dust and insects. To provide that vibrant impression for your restaurant guests,  SQOTS™-Tape lets you do it with crystal clear results, very quickly and without having to fumble for scissors!

Note:  SQOTS™-Tape is re-positionable for a time. Depending on exposure to light over time the adhesive becomes more permanent.  Over a longer period of time, the adhesive may lose some of its transparent quality having a yellow tinge. If your Menu display gets to that stage, it is probably time to update your menu anyway. Once the adhesive becomes more permanent, a solvent, like Toluene, may be needed to remove adhesive residue (this is usually after a period of a few months).

Video : SQOTS™-Tape Applying a Poster to a Wall – Then See How It is Repositioned!

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