Save on Petrol the Smart Way

With the steady rise of fuel price, it feels like saving money on petrol has become the nation’s new obsession.

Put an end to lost Petrol/Gas Saving vouchers or other discount coupons using SQOTS™.

  • Save on Petrol 1 Save on Petrol 1
  • Save on Petrol 2 Save on Petrol 2
  • Save on Petrol 5 Save on Petrol 5
  • Save on Petrol 4 Save on Petrol 4

Many fuel stations have discount coupon programs.  In all likelihood, the promoters of these discounts are factoring a certain percentage of vouchers never being used (perhaps being lost).

Keeping a convenient pack of SQOTS™ in the glovebox makes this little application simple.

Nothing is more frustrating than turning up to the gas station feeling confident you have a discount voucher…somewhere.. but ending up paying full price because you simply could not find the discount coupon! Your wallet or purse often has too many receipts in it already – so having to keep stuffing it with vouchers that expire every two weeks can be a thing of the past – SQOTS™ lets you conveniently display your current vouchers in a place you can easily access and remove for use.
Stick the coupon up in your car dashboard using SQOTS™. The good thing about using SQOTS™ is that you could put the coupon in a place exactly where it is likely to be found! Given that the SQOTS™ possess stretch and release properties, the voucher can be easily removed with a “shearing” or “sliding” action when needed. When some or all of the SQOTS™ remains on the car surface instead of coming off with the voucher, it is easily and quickly stretched off with a little practice. Also it should be noted SQOTS™ do eventually become permanent; though they should remain easily removable for up to 3 weeks.

Stretch Removing SQOTS™ Clear Square Dots or Tiles of Glue


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