SQOTS™ Glue Dots and Synthetic Nails or Plastic Nails Experiment

A couple of weeks ago, there was an inquiry relevant to our post, Glue Dots for Synthetic or Plastic Nail Art. The question is, can they withstand water and for just how long? A test has been carried out to resolve this query simply by adhering 2 synthetic nails with SQOTS™ glue dots and then placing them in water.


1. Two pieces Plastic Nails ideally a similar size
2. SQOTS™ Glue Dots Tabs with Backing Paper in Dispenser Box or Sheet Form
3. A glass of water
4. Tweezers
5. Optional: Nail Polish Remover and cotton


1. Ensure that the nails are really clean. Note: The employment of Nail polish remover can be carried out if the plastic nails warrant   complete cleansing. Enable them stand for an hour for total evaporation.
2. Take a single (1) SQOTS™ Glue Dots Tabs in Dispenser Box. (This is my personal chosen type from the SQOTS™ product range for this application since I can easily push the glue dot snugly on top of the plastic nail.)
3. Push the gluedot strongly on the nail.
4. Push another plastic nail on top of the one applied with a glue dot and hold firmly for about ten seconds.
5. Wait for four (4) hours before getting them wet or submerging them in water.


In the first experiment, after adjoining two plastic nails together, we only waited one (1) hour before submerging them in water. The end result is that, the bond remained good although simply lasted a couple of days.

The same treatment has been carried out on the subsequent experiment, except, on this occasion, we let them stand for 4 hours before placing in water. On this occasion, the two plastic nails adhered to one another for more than Seven days. the nails are being examined every once in awhile (hourly at the outset), and with the utilization of tweezers, they are shaken hard ten times to see if they will fall off. As you can imagine, they kept glued jointly even after an entire week.

Completing this test, we are able to now properly determine that the length of time prior to the SQOTS™ glue dots being soaked has a considerable effect on the outcome. Not getting your plastic nails wet for at least 4 hours is extremely encouraged if you’re planning on wearing them for a longer period of time.

We are ecstatic with the good results of this trials. The final outcome on practical application (true finger nail) might be slightly different, especially so as we move on with our day-to-day activities. (See our application, Glue Dots for Synthetic or Plastic Nail Art). Either way, we ardently believe that SQOTS™ Glue Dots will strongly hold the nails.

SQOTS™ Square Glue Dots are fat and juicy (apprx. 11.5mm x 11.5mm about 0.4mm thick). You are going to “feel” the instant bond between your nails and the synthetic nail which will result in having a self-confidence that they will not fall off. Take along with you the SQOTS™ Tabs format; it is sleek in design and will easily fit your purse as an extra protection.


Find out more fun applications and our product range by looking at our website. Obtain your own SQOTS™ Glue Dots Tabs with Backing Paper in Dispenser Box by going to our eBay Store today!