SQOTS™ Sheets of Square Dots of Glue

 SQOTS™ SheetsThis pack is our most basic format and most economic format of square glue dots. Supplied in an easy to reclose recyclable pack, this option contains 200 SQuare glue dOTS; SQOTS™.  Each sheet contains SQOTS™ in a perforated grid of 5 x 4 dots of glue on backing paper making it easy to quickly separate and distribute the SQOTS™.

The SQOTS™ Clear Square Glue Dots in SHEET form have an even height, uniform laid adhesive area of approximately 10 mm x 10 mm (equivalent to a round dot of a larger 11.3 mm diameter).  The Square shape of our SQOTS™ glue dots provides more adhesive in a “smaller section”.  The Square Glue Dots has the big advantage of being able to stick very close to straight edges and corners.  Most round glue dots are formed by squashed drips of hot melt glue; the SQOTS™ Square glue dots are evenly laid down.  With clear evenly laid down segments of glue it is easy to imagine the improvement in our dot’s adhesive surface and quality. The Square SQOTS™ form a neat adhesive area compared to a simply squashed drip of adhesive that is presented as a “round” glue dot.

Sqots in sheet formSqots in sheet formSQOTS™ Sheets

Take a moment to view the YouTube Channel and there are application videos plus two videos showing how our SQOTS™ can be removed without leaving a messy residue or damaging surfaces.

Note the ability to remove the square dots of glue will vary with the length of time the SQOTS™ have been in place, the amount of light the SQOTS™ have been exposed to and how friable/weak the surface upon which the SQOTS™ has been applied.  Usually removal of the square glue dot within a few weeks from an average surface will be easy.

Crafts can be taken to new levels with 3D objects such as coins, buttons, glass beads and folded paper.  You can prepare all these things and more with SQOTS™ sheet form.  Then with a little supervision watch your children simply peel of the backing paper and let their minds explore the creative possibilities in front of them.  SQOTS™ work on paper, plastic, metal, wood, glass and many other surfaces.
SQOTS™ Square dots of glue do not just get the job done, they make the job easy and fun, saving you time and mess. SQOTS™ provide you with that solution you have or you will be looking for when you are trying to think of a way to stick this to that. You will be surprised how incredibly easy it is to use the entire SQOTS™ range.

SQOTS™ in Action: See how easy it is to remove from surface

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