SQOTS™ Tabs Clear Square Dots or Tiles of Glue with Backing

 Sqots TabsThe SQOTS™-Tabs takes glue dot convenience to a new level!  This package also has the built in features of the SQOTS™ Dispenser Box that insures the dispensing is smooth and easy to prepare for simple and accurate.

Supplied in a pack of 180 SQOTS™, this clever format lets you very quickly dispense a single square glue dot – complete with its own backing paper.  You can then apply this square glue dot onto your surface by placing the adhesive glue onto the surface and pressing the backing paper.

We believe the SQOTS™-Tabs could be the most versatile and in many cases the most convenient form of our dots or tiles of glue.  The SQOTS™-Tab product cleverly combines the convenience offered by the SQOTS™ Dispenser Box and the SQOTS™ sheet form Clear Square Dots or Tiles of Glue.

There are many applications where you need to press quite firmly to get the glue dot to adhere to a surface.  There are also times when you need to place your glue dot between two surfaces that are close together.  The SQOTS™-Tab glue dot lets you use your fingers to do the positioning and the pressing down of the clear adhesive square segment of glue.  Examples of such applications include sticking three or more balloons together or sticking something onto a plastic sleeve or pouch, where firm pressure is required before the glue dot will transfer to the plastic surface.

Leaving the backing paper in place, you can prepare greeting cards,  small signs or even business cards for sticking down later.  Imagine the company executive at a trade show or exhibition giving out samples; those samples can easily have his name card attached.

Sqots Tabs formSqots TabsSqots in Tab Form






SQOTS™ Clear Square Dots or Tiles of Glue can be perfect for all your kits like model aircrafts or puzzles, kids activities, paper chains, scrapbooking, project-making, repairs… endless possibilities. No more headaches trying to figure out how to stick on hard to reach surface; no more wasted time waiting for your glue to dry; no more sticky hands; no more predicaments; SQOTS™ CLEAR SQUARE DOTS OR TILES OF GLUE IS OUR SOLUTION FOR YOU
The SQOTS™ Clear Square Dots or Tiles of Glue in Tab form have an even height, uniform laid adhesive area of approximately 11.5mm x 11.5 (equivalent to a round dot of a larger 13mm diameter).  The Square shape of our SQOTS™ Clear Square Dots or Tiles of Glue provides more adhesive in a “smaller section”.  The Clear Square Dots or Tiles of Glue has the big advantage of being able to stick very close to straight edges and corners.  Most round dots of glue are formed by squashed drips of hot melt glue; the SQOTS™ Clear Square Dots or Tiles of Glue are evenly laid down.  With clear evenly laid down segments of glue it is easy to imagine the improvement in our dot’s adhesive surface and quality. The Square SQOTS™ form a neat adhesive area compared to a simply squashed drip of adhesive that is presented as a “round” glue dot.

Crafts can be taken to new levels with 3D objects such as coins, buttons, glass beads and folded paper.  You can prepare all these things and more with SQOTS™-Tabs.  Then with a little supervision watch your children simply peel of the backing paper and let their minds explore the creative possibilities in front of them.

SQOTS™-Tabs clever option for Clear Square Dots or Tiles of Glue are not just for creative parents, children and teachers they are also for creative office staff and business people.  Visual merchandisers with vision see a new dimension of options that are cost effective and very easy to implement using these square clear adhesive gel segments.The innovative design and easy-to-apply option can be perfect for fastening a huge range of objects quickly, easily, NO mess, NO Frustration, NO PROBLEMS!


Firmly attaching a greeting card to gifts or flowers in advanced with SQOTS™ already applied make it very easy to put them straight on to the gift.


The SQOTS™ range of products, which we describe as dots of glue, square dots of glue, tiles of glue, square self-adhesive dots and other phrases that have the words dots or glue, is not affiliated with or associated with any dots of glue manufacturers, representative, affiliates or websites promoting or selling their products with trademarks or trade names that include or consist of the common phrase description “glue dots”.