SQOTS™-Tape: Double Sided and Repositionable!!

One side of the tape bonds permanently (this is the side you usually apply to your poster or sign) but the other side remains repositionable for some time (this is the side that you might apply to a wall or a window).

Sqots Clear Double Sided Tape Sqots Clear Double Sided Tape 2 Sqots Clear Double Sided Tape 3

Usually repositioning or removal of a poster or light weight sign within a few weeks from an average surface will be easy.  Note, the ability to reposition the SQOTS™-Tape adhesive strip will vary with the length of time the SQOTS™-Tape has been in place, the amount of light the SQOTS™-Tape has been exposed to, how friable or weak the surface upon which the SQOTS™-Tape has been applied upon and how clean the surface is where the repositionable side has been applied.

Whether you’re a chain store owner or a proud parent, if you need to temporarily put up posters, signs or charts and you are looking for the most convenient way possible to put them up AND take them down, we believe there’s no better way than SQOTS™-Tape.

Thousands of 7/11 stores in Asia are using the same adhesive formula for their displays.  SQOTS™-Tape takes this formula and makes it incredibly easy to use and makes it accessible to the public through this retail format. One side is repositionable for a time, making it ideal for temporary applications.  In time this repositionable side also becomes permanent making it ideal for the long term applications as well.

There are no scissors needed with the clever built in sliding cutter.  There is no frustration or time wasted removing the backing paper because we have incorporated easy peel edges to make using this clear double sided adhesive tape incredibly easy and fast.  Parents, Merchandisers, Students and Staff will all appreciate just how fast and easy this SQOTS™-Tape helps gets the Job done

SQOTS™-Tape requires no scissors or long fingernails it is amazingly easy to dispense and apply!:

Great for Newsagents, Shops, At Home, The Office, Real Estate Agents, Schools, Hospitals, Virtually anywhere you need to easily put up temporary or more permanent posters or small signs.

Easy Backing Paper Removal. Re-positional, Double Sided SQOTS™-Tape.

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