Teaching Reading with Flashcards

Teaching your kids reading is much faster earlier in life than later.  This is because the cognitive development is strongest in the first three years of life.

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Flashcards are a great exercise for the mental process of active recall: given a prompt (the question), one produces the answer.  You can attach them to objects around the house to increase your child’s reading vocabulary.

You can use SQOTS™ square sticky dots to attach flashcard labels to toys, furniture, etc. around the house. You can also attach photos of those objects to duplicate flashcards of the labels. The duplicate cards are for use in games and to consolidate learning. Start with a small number of labels.  Before you know it, your toddler will be able to read dozens of words! Keep the learning activity fun and enjoyable.


Prepare small photos of the objects you wish to label. Cut your card and print the 2 sets of flashcards. Apply SQOTS™ to the back corners of the photos and attach them to one set of flashcards. The photos enable the child to see if they have read the word correctly. Also the children can ‘guess’ what word is on the other side by looking at the photo. Apply SQOTS™ to the 4 back corners of the set of flashcards you will use as labels.(some may only require 2 SQOTS™) Label your objects and the fun and learning can begin.

SQOTS™ Squre Glue Dots Dispenser Box Application

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