Wall Collage

Staring at a big empty wall space can make our mind race whether we have a large art piece to dress it up with or where can we get one.  It is not easy to find something that will match your taste and the house theme.

One way to solve the problem is to use a wall collage – a collection of small wall art or pictures so that it combines to have the visual impact of much larger art. Usually made up of smaller pieces or artwork with no specific rules to follow, collages provide more flexibility to match the home theme and is far less costly than a large art piece. Collages can be both very formal and traditional; but can also be casual and carefree – great solution for those weird wall spaces.

  • Materials: Materials: Coloured and painted pictures from your child's activity books. Wooden letters and fake flowers from the bargain $2 shop, Scissors, crayons and SQOTS™.
  • Procedure: Procedure: The child cuts out the pictures they want and colour the selected letters.
  • These are arranged as desired and stuck on to the project paper by applying SQOTS™ to the back of them. To complete this collage a row of SQOTS™ is applied to the lower edge of the paper and the flowers are pressed down on these.
  • More colouring is applied to the empty spaces.
  • The masterpiece is now ready to have SQOTS™ placed under each corner and attached for display on the fridge, cupboard or wall.

You will notice the revival of the ever practical wall collage in design magazines.  While there are no specific rules, here are a few tips that can help you create your first wall collage:

1)    Your artwork should have at least one common trait among the following:  size, subject, colour and frame style.

2)    Consider the size of your wall and how many pieces of art you want to display.  This will help determine how close you need to place the pictures.

3)    Layout your artworks on the floor in front of the desired wall to give you an idea how your finished collage will look like.

4)    Find the middle of your canvas and use this to perfect the spacing between your pictures. Often step back to check on your progress.

5)    Use SQOTS™ Clear Double Sided Tape, to put on the corners of your collage pieces.

As with all SQOTS™ applications where applying to walls and surfaces the surface needs to be tested such that the SQOTS™ can be removed cleanly. See the YouTube videos for demonstrations on how to remove SQOTS™.  Also it should be noted SQOTS™ do eventually become permanent though should remain removable for up to 3 weeks.

Easy SQOTS™-Tape Dispensing with Blade that Slides Along

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