Why are the SQOTS™ Square and Not Round?

Clear square dots or tiles of glue have already been obtainable for quite a few years and are generally not a new product. We set out to present the industry with an upgraded product produced using a procedure we feel provides better control and results for the finalized product. Old style, flat dots of glue were made by dripping hot melt glue on a silicon release backing paper after which rolling them to compress them up. This particular method’s outcome is a squashed “blob” of adhesive that appears similar to a circle.

Our patent pending manufacturing approach involved the controlled “pipping” of glue by means of flattened pipes, manifolds at a monitored speed to the silicon release backing paper. SQOTS™ Dots or Tiles of Glue form and thickness is determined by using a method that does not rely on squashing the dot of glue flat. As a result SQOTS™ Dots or Tiles of Glue have well defined fullness as well as straight edges; we control the length of the straight edge dots of glue to create a square.

The brand SQOTS™ is derived from the first 2 characters of the word SQUARE as well as the last 3 letters of the term DOTS. Also, they are called a good number of names such as dots or tiles of glue, sticky dots, super dots or adhesive dots. With its several labels, come numerous purposes or uses. SQOTS™, in every day life, have a number of applications in the house. SQOTS™ Dots or Tiles of Glue are a vital tool for crafts and arts tasks, handyman projects, around the home office, also in many businesses. They are good option to glue in many instances and have applications which are beyond what ordinary glue can achieve, saving money but also time.

SQOTS Clear Square Dots or Tiles of Glue in Dispenser BoxSQOTS Clear Square Dots or Tiles of Glue in TabsSQOTS Clear Square Dots or Tiles of Glue in Sheet FormSQOTS Tape

SQOTS™ are very clear square self-adhesive pieces of glue or gel, just about 0.4 mm thick. They can be described as Square tiles of glue but prior to going further we would like to point out, The SQOTS™ range of products, which we describe as dots of glue, square dots of glue, tiles of glue, square self-adhesive dots and other phrases that have the words dots or glue, is not affiliated with or associated with any dots of glue manufacturers, representative, affiliates or websites promoting or selling their products with trademarks or trade names that include or consist of the common phrase description “glue dots”.

The defined edges of SQOTS™ allow the dots or tiles of glue to become straightened very well with all the edges and corners of items our contented customers are attaching down with SQOTS™. Printers who create credit cards for mail-outs say that the Square form SQOTS™ results in much less rotating movement/freedom of the adhered credit card when compared to old sort rounded dots of glue.